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Booking Calendar - Balmain Pets 1

30 Short St, Balmain,NSW, 2041

Pet Sitting 24
Dog Walking 21
Pet Grooming 18
Thu 09 Apr Fri 10 Apr Sat 11 Apr Sun 12 Apr Mon 13 Apr Tue 14 Apr Wed 15 Apr Thu 16 Apr Fri 17 Apr Sat 18 Apr Sun 19 Apr Mon 20 Apr Tue 21 Apr Wed 22 Apr
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We have been providing reliable friendly services to pet owners in the Inner Sydney area, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West for more than 23 years. We are known and respected by vetinarians, pet shops and groomers in the area. We understand you may be concerned about your pet staying away from home, or being cared for by a stranger, but we aim to love and care for your pets just as much as you do.

Services and Price List

1. Pet Sitting $50.00 per Hour
2. Dog Walking $20.00 per Hour
3. Pet Grooming $20.00 per Hour


Contact Details

30 Short St, Balmain
NSW, 2041
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